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Product Specifications

Manfrotto  327RC2 Light Duty Grip Ball Head  

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Main specs

Type:  Ball Head

Maximum Load (kg):  5.5 kg

Panning Range (degrees):  360°


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Manfrotto-327RC2 Light Duty Grip Ball Head-Tripod Heads
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Ball Head

Height (cm)

10.1 cm

Weight (kg)

0.62 kg

Tilting Range (degrees)

+90° / -3 (lateral tilt)

Panning Range (degrees)


Plate Type


Additional Features

The 327RC2 has been designed to suit advanced photographers looking for high-performance products. Made of sophisticated, high performance materials, it offers superior specifications and durability. The 327RC2's ergonomics have been optimized to improve

Head mount thread type

3/8" female thread

Maximum Load (kg)

5.5 kg



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